“How Insurgency Begins” by Janet Lewis

Friday, May 17, CGIS room K-401, 1737 Cambridge St., Harvard University
Hosted by the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs and the Department of Government

Noon-12:45pm: Lunch served

12:45-1:00pm: Welcome and Introductions (Steve Levitsky, Janet)

1:00-1:50pm: Session 1 -- Theory and Empirics on Incipient Rebel Formation: Chapter 3
(Lead discussant: David Cunningham)

2:00-2:50pm: Session 2 – Theory and Empirics on the Rebels: Chapter 4
(Lead discussant: Fotini Christia)

3:00-3:50pm: Session 3 – Theory and Empirics on Civilians: Chapter 5
(Lead discussant: Roger Petersen)

4:00-4:50pm: Session 4 – Theory and Empirics on the State: Chapter 6
(Lead discussant: Scott Straus)

4:50-5:30pm: Session 5 – Wrapping up (Discussion led by Steve Levitsky)

6:30pm: Dinner in Red House restaurant for those available (Red House)

Directions from 1737 Cambridge St. to Red House

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