MAY 13

12:00-1:30PM    Lunch

1:30-1:40PM  Opening Remarks: Arthur Spirling and Daniel Ziblatt

1:40-3:10PM  Session 1: Institutional Innovation

- Scott Moser (UTexas) and Andrew Reeves (BU) "Taking the Leap: Voting, Rhetoric, and the Determinants of Electoral Reform" (paper)

- Christopher Kam (UBC) "Enfranchisement, malapportionment, and electoral responsiveness in Great Britain, 1832-1868" (paper)

- JF Godbout (University of Montreal) "The Emergence of Parties in the Canadian House of Commons" (paper)

Discussant: Iain McLean (Oxford University)

3:10-3:30PM Coffee break

3:30-5:00PM  Session 2:  Representation and Accountability

-  Andrew Eggers (LSE) and Arthur Spirling (Harvard) "Party Cohesion in Westminster Systems: Inducements, Replacement and Discipline in the House of Commons, 1836--1910 " (paper)

- Anthony Fowler (Harvard) "Electoral and Policy Consequences of Voter Turnout: Evidence from Compulsory Voting in Australia" (paper)

- Torun Dewan (LSE) "Franchise Extension and the British Aristocracy" (paper)

Discussant: Amel Ahmed (UMass Amherst) 

6:00PM     Dinner- Sandrine's Bistro, 8 Holyoke St., Harvard Square.

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MAY 14

8:45 - 9:30 Breakfast

9:30-11:00AM  Session 3: Debt and Finance

- Gary Cox  (Stanford) "Marketing sovereign promises:  The English model" (paper)

- Aditya Dasgupta (Harvard) and Daniel Ziblatt (Harvard) "How did Britain Democratize? Views from the Sovereign Bond Market" (paper)

- Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey (LSE) "The Effect of Institutions and Norms on Monetary Policy Oversight: British and American Experiences During the Financial Crisis" (paper)

Discussant: Jean-Laurent Rosenthal (Caltech)

11:00-11:30PM Coffee Break

11:30-1:00PM  Session 4: Corruption

- Andrew Eggers (LSE) and Arthur Spirling (Harvard) "Guarding the Guardians: Legislative Self-policing, Corruption and Judicialization in Victorian Britain" (paper)

- Susan Stokes (Yale) "Catalyst or Cause? Legislation and the Demise of Machine Politics in Britain and the United States" (paper)

- Jennifer Bussell (UTexas) "Varieties of Corruption: The Organization of Rent-Seeking in India" (paper)

Discussant: James Alt (Harvard)

1:00-2:00PM Lunch