About the Conference

The Weatherhead Center Spring Thesis Conference, will feature the thesis research findings of the Center’s Undergraduate Associates. The conference entails a series of two-hour panels chaired by Faculty Associates and Graduate Student Associates. Clustered by regional or disciplinary themes, each presentation is followed by questions, commentary, and feedback for the enhancement of thesis work in its final stages.

Weatherhead Center Faculty Associates, graduate students, Fellows, visiting scholars, and staff are encouraged to attend the conference and give feedback to the presenters.


All panels will be held in the Belfer Case Study Room, S020, on the lower floor of the Center for Government and International Studies (CGIS), located at 1730 Cambridge Street.

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Conference Chairs

The panels are chaired by the Weatherhead Center Faculty Associates and Graduate Student Associates.

Contact Information

Clare Putnam
Program Coordinator, Student Programs and Fellowships.

Theodore J. Gilman
Executive Director, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.

Bart Bonikowski
Director, Undergraduate Student Programs; Executive Committee; Faculty Associate. Assistant Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Harvard University.